Your Fearless Leader

Full Name: Todd Winther

Birth: 22/11/1983, Adelaide, South Australia

Occupation: Academic/Freelance Writer

Role Models: Franklin Roosevelt, Christopher Hitchens, Marieke Hardy, Paul KeatingChuck Klosterman

Favourite Music: Tegan and Sara, Taylor Swift Marit Larsen

Favourite Books, Killing Yourself to Live, Lolita, A Year of Magical Thinking

Favourite Movies Singin’ In The Rain, Lost and Delirious, Nixon

Favourite TV Shows: In Treatment, The Newsroom, Mad Men Frasier, Gilmore Girls

Favourite Moment in Life: The 2004 AFL Grand Final

Favourite Sources: The AV Club, Grantland, The New Yorker

Favourite Journalists/Feature Writers, George Megalogenis, Anne Helen Petersen  Todd VanDerWerff,  Bill Simmons

Favourite Past Times, Psephology, Writing, Critical Thinking

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