Your Fearless Leader

Full Name Todd Winther

Birth: 22/11/1983, Adelaide, South Australia

Occupation: Academic/Freelance Writer

Inspirations: Franklin Roosevelt, Christopher Hitchens, Marieke Hardy, Paul KeatingChuck Klosterman

Favourite Music: Tegan and Sara, Kaki King, Marit Larsen

Favourite Books, Killing Yourself to Live, Lolita, Love, War and Poverty

Favourite Movies Singin’ In The Rain, Lost and Delirious, Nixon, Goodfellas,

Favourite TV Shows: In Treatment, Breaking Bad, Arrested Development, Frasier, Gilmore Girls

Favourite Moment in Life: The 2004 AFL Grand Final

Favourite Sources: The AV Club, The New Republic The Monthly

Favourite Journalists/Feature Writers, George Megalogenis, Annabel Crabb, Todd VanDerWerff, Noel Murray

Favourite Past Times, Psephology, Writing, Critical Thinking

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