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ABC Ramp Up

I contributed to the ABC's disability portal RampUp from December 2010 until February 2014. My published articles are below:

Are You Defined By What You Can't Do?
Can You Name the Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Carers in the Gillard Government?
The NDIS; All Style and No Substance?
Peddling Pity
Does it Matter Whether Angry Cripple is Actually A Cripple or Not? You Bet It Does
Would You Rather A Set Top Box Or Some Workplace Support?
Disability; No Cause For Celebration
Bishop Gets It Wrong On Disability
A Special School Success Story
Dating and Disability: An Adventure Online
Will Disability Win You an Oscar? You Bet
'Just Buzz Me When You're Done'
Freedom of Choice a Dream Come True
IDPwD: What's to Celebrate?
Does The NDIS Really Offer Choice

The Conversation

As of August 2013, I began writing for The Conversation as a political commentator. This academic website is an independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community and delivered direct to the public.

The Ghost of Peter Slipper Will Still Haunt Fisher
Rudd's Poor Timing Will Likely Cost The ALP In Griffith
Newman Has Time To Learn From Stafford By-Election Defeat
Queensland's Early Election Hinges on a Test of Newman's Strength
Queensland Premiers In-Waiting
The Ten Things to Watch On or After Election Night in Queensland
Queensland Voters Send a Strong Message to Eject Newman
Strong Men In Peril: PM Hangs On Amid QLD and NT Shake-up
Leadership Crises Turn Short-Term Thinking Into Long Term Failure
It's All About the Later At ALP National Conference Leaving Less Space for Policymaking

The Machinery of Government

Since May 2015 I have been a contributor to the blog The Machinery of Government (MoG) run by the Department of Public Policy in the School of Government at Griffith University. MoG focuses on issues surrounding federalism and the issues relating to the creation of public policy in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The UK Election 2015: A Surprise Within the Status Quo
Terrorism: A Wicked Policy Problem
The 'Not So Minor' Roles of Smaller Political Parties
Bush vs Clinton: Political Dynasties
The 'Smart State' Redux
Calls for a Federal Oversight Body Grow Louder
Leadership Trumps Debate at Conference
Canadian Election 2015: A Marathon Stagger to the Finish
Power Behind the Throne: The Rise of the Party Professional

Academic Work

I am currently undertaking a PhD in Political Science at Griffith University in Brisbane on a full academic scholarship.

My thesis studies the relationship between party and democratic leadership. It aims to explore the ways in which the practice of political leadership is subject to a tension between the need to be responsive to a party’s supporters and to the electorate at large. This study will focus upon the inherent tension of what the public wants in a Prime Minister, and who a party will elect to be its leader.

I also have two undergraduate university degrees, including First Class Honours in Political Science. For this I wrote a thesis on Mark Latham's leadership of the Australian Labor Party during the 2004 federal election and delivered a conference paper on the subject to a national audience of academics.