The Philosophy of Toddocracy

There is a cliche about my generation.

We need to use blogs to tell the world everything about our lives from the mundane to the glorious. We don't keep diaries anymore. Diaries are too secretive by nature and less public. Our words need to be read, devoured and critiqued. I personify this cliche, for I use this blog to vent, whinge and hammer you over the head with my opinion. Everything else about this blog is atypical.

I have a physical disability. Unlike other blogs on this neglected subject I quite freely admit to hating my disability. I firmly believe that anyone who proclaims love for their disability is a liar. Within this blog you will find an honest, brutal and unflattering portrait of a cripple who is pragmatic, intellectual, and argumentative. Someone who makes the most out of a pretty shitty situation.

The worst thing about having Cerebral Palsy is not the physical limitations that are placed on me, but the ones that are placed on me by the community. This blog is about my views and experiences. It is not just a 'disability blog' and being a cripple (or a crip as I often refer to myself and others in my position) is not the only thing that matters in my life.

I live every day in an electric wheelchair. I sweat, battle and strain every day to try and stay sane (often failing) just so I can perform basic tasks that most take for granted. Early in life I was written off, I had no speech, no intellect and no comprehension of my environment. Somehow I have managed to acquire these along with two University Degrees in Political Science. I work as an academic, and commentator while I complete my PhD in Political Science.

In 2012 I moved into my own apartment at the age of 29, With the help of Youngcare Australia and Wesley Mission Brisbane I achieved something that I have never thought was possible up until the day I moved in.

I suppose you could label me as smart. But I'll tell you what I'm not:
  1. I am not an inspiration
  2. I am not someone who needs pity
  3. I am not 'the poster boy' for all things crippled
  4. And I'm definitely not your hero
To quote one of my favourite songs:

I am not their hero, but that doesn't mean that I wasn't brave
I have never walked the party line, but that doesn't mean I was never afraid

My blog will tell you many things. It will tell you how I fell in love with Tegan and Sara, and became more interested in thinking about pop culture more critically, particularly about music in general, TV, movies and books. I love texts that move me emotionally, make me think critically about my own experiences and challenge my thinking. It also chronicles the most difficult of times, as I discuss in real time my debilitating battle with depression, my continuing struggle to comprehend my disability, and finally my journey towards physical and emotional independence.

My words are frank and confronting.

This blog will piss people off. Of course I welcome debate. But if you disagree expect me to fire back hard and long. If you dislike me, that is okay, It is your right. I hate far more people than I love. I refuse to censor myself for anyone, anything or any cause.

Intelligent discussion is the aim of this blog. No topic is off limits. Knowledge is power. Those who access it have control, those who shy away from it have none.