Sunday, 7 December 2014

Best of 2014

Movies ( Released in Australia, 2014. Ranked in order of quality)

1. Her

Albums (Ranked in order of quality)

1. When the Morning Comes: Marit Larsen
2. Fumes: Lily and Madeleine
3. 1989: Taylor Swift
4. The Veronicas: The Veronicas
5. No One is Lost: Stars
6. Stay GoldFirst Aid Kit
7Ryan Adams: Ryan Adams
8. The Voyager: Jenny Lewis
9. Scattered Reflections: Lior 

Songs (No order)

Best Books I Read In 2004 (No Order)

Not That Kind of Girl: Lena Dunham
The Professionals: Stephen Mills
Showtime: Jeff Pearlman
The Man He Became: James Tobin
The First Stone: Helen Garner
Jacks and Jokers: Matthew Condon
This House of Grief: Helen Garner 

TV (In Order of Preference)

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