Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The True Veronicas.

Am I meant to sit here
And just take this, when you promise me that I would be the one that you would never leave?
I can't believe I fell for what you said
Does it make you feel good to make me feel less of who I am?
Does it make you feel strong? Like you're a bigger man?
What did I do to deserve this? To shut me out.
Did I love too much is that what this is about?
I thanked god every morning for having you in my life, now I'm praying to forget and you know why...

And if you were gonna lie, at least be a man and lie to my face. So you can watch my tears fall to the ground as I tear myself apart 
Wondering why, why I ever cried.
I put myself through hell for you. Fuck you! I hate you! I love you! I need you!
Wanna run, wanna run.
I wanna run, but I don't wanna run if you're not gonna find me.
So we should just pretend to be friends, right? And fake our way to the bitter end.

These are the lyrics of the soliloquy that comprises the heart of the track Cold, off the new self titled album from The Veronicas. This album is their first in 6 years, and by far their best. Unfortunately, due to the fact that both members of The Veronicas, Lisa and Jess Origliasso, are stunningly attractive identical twins, their looks detract from their artistry. The qualities that separates The Veronicas from the other sibling based bands that I love, (including Tegan and Sara, Meg and Dia, Lily and Madeleine and First Aid Kit) is the dichotomy that lies at the heart of their music.

Out of all the artists mentioned above The Veronicas are the band that is the most unashamedly mainstream. They compose songs that always aim for the top of the charts, even when they don't seem to mean it. Despite their previous predilections for chart success, and their tendency to exploit their apparent superficality for greater public attention their lyrics were always overtly caustic, bitter, morbid and emotional, even by the standard of today's confessional songwriting.

And now they can say this...

Fuck you! I hate you! I love you! I need you!

This speaks to all of us, because those four short sentences encapsulate the nature of any romantic relationship.The rest of the album follows this lead. 

I think this is why The Veronicas chose a ballad for the first single of this album. Gone are the days of wide eyed optimism and the needless sexualisation of the pair (No doubt thought up by a horny marketing executive, in an attempt for them to break into the US) of their previous two first singles, and instead they have turned up the heartbreak and melodrama, which have always been the strength of The Veronicas. Like Cold, You Ruin Me exploits this heartbreak to its maximum effect with amazing results. This is not an overt attempt for air time, radio play, or chart success. Yet they got all three anyway, and that is because The Veronicas have truly found their collective voice.

Perhaps no one was ready for 'The True Veronicas' up until now? Perhaps they knew what their former record company did not? Perhaps no one expected the combination of pure pop and power balladry to be successful? The signs were always there though. The Veronicas may wish they were born Bob Dylan, but with this record they have found their own voices, and at just the right time.  

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  1. I hate their new image / sound or change in genre on their album last year! I hate the fans of The Veronicas that suggested them to be an explicit genre or songs that have lots of bad words! I mean, Hook Me Up was their best album. I don't like the Veronicas anymore because of their album last year and they have changed so much! I hate bitches like them!