Friday, 15 August 2014

Take Me Anywhere: A Decade Long Journey

I remember like it was yesterday...except its not. It's exactly 10 years ago today... the most stable long term relationship I have ever had.

It began innocently enough. I was boarding a train from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane. I parked my wheelchair in the assigned seating area, turned on my first IPod, (which in retrospect was astronomically large) and wondered internally what on earth I was going to do to pass the time. Luckily two days before I prepared for this moment:

 'I might try this band that my internet buddies think I will like, what's their name....? Oh, they have a new album that's leaked. Try it out in the train trip and see if you like it.... I doubt it, but hey why not?

I pressed the button, it was ready to go I turn it on. Here's my thought process for the next 94 seconds:

Strumming of an acoustic guitar for a few bars... There's a war inside of me, Do I cause new heartbreak to write a new broken song...... 
More lyrics, two part harmonies....I like this
An electric guitar? Oh... here comes the chorus, I like this..... I really like this
And don't you worry there's still tiiiimme don't you worry there's still tiiiimme...
Ok, ok, ok I dig this.
This is good, really good
Full BAND, Full BAND


And so begins my love affair with the pair of Canadian sisters known as Tegan and Sara. A love affair, which has never diminished and only intensified. Listening to that album, So Jealous, for the first time hit me with zealotry conviction, not only because of the song above, but more because of this song

Take me by the hand and tell me 
You would take me
You would take me

This is where the melody gets you as Tegan drives the lyrics with hopeful optismism that the listener knows hasn't been earnt yet. Meanwhile you have the interplay between the chorus and the backing vocals as they coo in that Motownesque fashion, serving to emphasise this optimism, take me anywhere, take me anywhere and it goes...

It spoke to me and said "Come on lets go, we're going. We don't care what the consequences are. Are you coming with us?

And I most certainly was.

I've spoken at length about what this band means to me. They have become my third identifer:

My name is Todd
Yes, I'm disabled
And I love Tegan and Sara! Have you heard of them?

90% of the time they have not, and that is ok. I don't expect them to. But to understand me, you have to understand this:

Through the heartbreak of my first love Tegan and Sara were there.
When I finished my Honours thesis Tegan and Sara were there because I went to see them.
When I started my PhD Tegan and Sara were there playing in the background.
Through my first relationship Tegan and Sara were there (and she hated them, a clue perhaps?)
Through my depression Tegan and Sara were the only two people who I felt understood me
When I moved into my own home their songs were the first I that played.

Tegan and Sara mean so much to me that I cannot quantify it.

And that's why meeting them last year was a watershed moment. I got the opportunity, however briefly, to thank them for all they had done for me, and to tell them that I loved them, a deep profound love that has shaped my life for a decade.

They surround my bedroom walls, and my most prized possession takes pride of place.

  And the love affair continues...

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