Saturday, 21 June 2014

What Partisans Don't Understand About Disability

I had an exchange with Hannah Beazley on Twitter last night (Daughter of Kim and former candidate for WA Labor) in response to a report on young people with disabilities who live in aged care facilities throughout WA:

HB: And Barnett thinks his version of the #NDIS is better…
Me: Its worth noting that this issue is more complex and far more important than partisan point scoring, HB
HB:  I agree. But it’s policies from govt that create/worsen these situations so there’s no escaping the politics.

This ladies and gents is the perfect demonstration of why partisans (of both the Labor and Liberal variety) don't understand disability at all.

The difference between institutionalisation and supported accommodation is the ability for a disabled person to make our own choices. And:

Is it often the difference between life and death.
It is the difference between making a contribution to the community and being isolated.
For some it can mean the difference between poverty and wealth.
It can mean the difference between insanity and sanity.
It is the difference between happiness and depression.
It is the difference between dependence and independence.

It is not the difference between Labor and Liberal.
It has nothing to do with the implementation of the NDIS.
It must not be used as a wedge to strangle political opponents.

Shame on those of you who propagate such nonsense.

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