Monday, 12 May 2014

The Linkage, Volume I, 2014

On the weekend I attended TCF's wedding, it was a delightful event, perfectly suiting the personalities of both bride and groom. As I was finding a place at my table a wedding attendee, who I had not met previously, remarked that she followed my blog and was disappointed that my posts were growing infrequent. My looming thesis deadline is becoming my own personal version of Moby Dick.

My confidence is low, sleep is sadly lacking causing mistakes and missteps both personal and professional. The reason I have time to blog tonight is that the thesis is currently static. I've hit yet another dead end, and I am waiting for some help, which will come tomorrow or perhaps the next day. It cannot come quickly enough.

So consequently here are a few things I can recommend so far in 2014.
Most of the above has come from my Twitter page, if you like Twitter as much as I do, and haven't followed me, please do so.

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