Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Budget: People With A Disability Silenced Once More.

Perhaps more than any other budget this one effects me personally. Among the many cuts the Prime Minister has made, the Government has decided to cease funding for ABC Ramp Up, for which I have been a contributor since it was created 3.5 years ago.

Again this is a reminder to the public, and most importantly to people with a disability, that this Government in particular treats people with disabilities as the stowaways of society. The cessation of ABC Ramp Up is the clearest signal yet that the Abbott Government does not care about people with disabilities, does not respect our values, and considers the contribution of people with disabilities to be unimportant and most cruically, irrelevant.

Though I disagree with about 85% of its content, Ramp Up is the most important service for disability education in the country. It provides a diverse array of views, discusses a range of topics both mainstream and taboo, but most importantly provides insights to inform readers who are not disabled.

If anyone thinks that any comprehensive disability reform will see the light of day under the Abbott Government, this is the first and perhaps the most important nail in the coffin to say that dream is dead.

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