Monday, 17 February 2014

The WB Standard

Last year I moaned about why I hate Valentine's Day. This year I decided to do it on social media.
Because I haven't met anyone who has the brains of Doris Kearns Goodwin, the artistry of Joan Didion and the looks of Kristen Stewart you love birds make me sick, and also a tiny bit jealous.
For the past two years my friend Nikki and I have formed a pact of sorts: to be each other's valentine. I gave her some awesome books on atheism last year. Part of this pact stemmed from contradictory emotions we shared, loathing the sentiment of the day, but we felt bound by our mutual loneliness.

Lorenz and Hart tell us that 'each day is Valentine's Day', but if it were, I would want to shoot myself, because the day has turned into an excuse to rub your happiness in other people's faces. Maybe I'm too cyncial, or maybe I am the opposite.

A few weeks ago I finished my third viewing of the family drama Everwood, a wonderfully underrated story about life, death, the bonds of family, and of course first love. Sublimely written, and acted, I would recommend the series to anyone. I come for the writing, I stay for Amy Abbott, the heroine of the series. She's everything I wanted in a girl when I was 16: smart, beautiful, earnest and witty. Oh, Amy, if only I could play piano like Ephram!

Amy is only one in a long line of WB women. There's Joey Potter, Rory Gilmore and Peyton Sawyer too. All play the same archetype: vulnerable, smart, good looking and oh so literate. See the problem here for a future mate is that all these fictional characters set a far too high standard compared with reality. Some smart people would say that it is just another excuse to avoid getting hurt.

And I suppose that's true. Many years ago when I was at the height of my first love (non reciprocated) a mutual friend of her and I said something I have never forgotten.

To expect is to demand, and demanding can only lead to disappointment. Don't demand, don't expect, just let it happen.

Wise advice. Pity I never bothered taking it.

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