Thursday, 2 January 2014

'The Unsound of Limb...'

I'm currently reading The Man He Became about how Franklin Roosevelt won the Presidency of the United States in spite of his polio. Given my two areas of academic interest: political leadership and society's attutides towards people with a disability, this book is a natrual fit for me (A review of the book may come when I've finished depending on time restrictions).

However one quote in particular jumped out at me, which was taken from Robert Murphy's The Body Silent and I just had to share it because it encapulates the frustrations of my entire life as a person with a disability.
The disabled must comfort others about their condition. They cannot show fear, sorrow, depression… or anger, for this disturbs the able-bodied. The unsound of limb are only permitted to laugh. The rest of the emotions, including anger and the expression of hostility, must be bottled up, repressed, and allowed to simmer or to be released in the backstage area of home…’  

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  1. Is it really like that?
    I spose it's a harsh reality. People may not see the at home time, they only seethey are 'lucky'.