Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Fallen Buzzer

In my apartment complex, we have a buzzer system in order to summon carers as we need them. They are connected to a mobile phone which each of the carers carry during the course of a shift. If for example, I need to go to the toilet, I simply press the buzzer and the next available carer answers it. As soon as they arrive, either the carer or myself turn the buzzer off to indicate that my request has been answered.

Normally I have a buzzer attached to the headboard of my bed so I can reach to press it when I want to get up. Through sheer happenstance the velcro that attaches the buzzer to the headboard came apart sometime on Friday night. I was fast asleep so I didn't hear this. When I awoke at nine yesterday morning the buzzer was on the floor. What was I to do?

Every carer who works at the apartment knows I'm not the most jovial person in the mornings so they don't come in to my room until I buzz for them (this is at my request). The nearest buzzer is connected to the wall, above the headboard. I like to sleep at the bottom of my pillow with only the very top of my head touching the pillow. In order to reach the buzzer connected to the wall, I have to inch up the pillow so I can reach the wall buzzer, using the muscles in my upper body. By 10am I was halfway up, and at exactly 10:53 I reached the buzzer.

The first carer responds about three minutes later.

'Good morning sleepyhead! Have another late night?
'Well yes, but the buzzer fell off the headboard and I only just got to the one on the wall after two hours' I replied
 'Shit, sorry! the carer says
'Not your fault. Can you fix it? I was going to get up, but now I need a nap'

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