Thursday, 31 October 2013


In the past hour I've changed my dating profile significantly for the first time since I signed up nearly two and a half years ago. (Yes, it has been that long.)  It now reads as follows:
I'm a political academic and freelance writer by trade, having been published by several national publications. I have always been a career and goal orientated person, only to realise rather late in the game that I wanted something more: rewarding friendships, and perhaps if I'm lucky enough, a satisfying romantic relationship.

By nature and by design I'm a rather insular person. I like in depth one to one conversation, reading fascinating books, going to gigs; partaking in literary and film festivals.  I am not into adventurous activity. I seem to be in the minority here (or maybe just honest?). The observant amongst you can probably figure out why from looking at the provided photos.

I offer something different than what is normally on show here. I'm an analytical thinker who ponders big questions and thinks outside myself. After being on here for longer than I ever thought I would be, I have come to realise this certainly isn't for everyone, but those interested in this kind of experience will be rewarded.
The first thing you'll notice is the explicit references to the four wheels have gone. Although the self appointed 'disability activists' will have another dart to add to their ever expanding board, the first approach just wasn't working at all.

Actually that applies to all of it really. I haven't had any luck in the 10 months since moving to Brisbane and I figure this new approach can't hurt. To be sure this more direct honest method will probably put off even more people again. But perhaps one or two different viewers might like what they see with this new approach.

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