Tuesday, 10 September 2013

We Get the People We Vote For.

Tony Abbott won the 2013 Federal Election last Saturday night in a result that was predicted by everyone. There was nothing exciting about this election besides my debut piece for The Conversation, which previewed the seat of Fisher ahead of the election, and correctly predicted the outcome. That and the Rudd era has ended, probably signaling the conclusion of a steep decline for the party I once loved.

On my Facebook Page I posted a brief summation of a result the following morning:
        So after watching the entire ABC Election Coverage in Replay (including my favourite call of the card) here are some thoughts:

        Big Picture: Provided the ALP perform effectively in Opposition it is possible they could get back in government after the next election (Perhaps a Double Dissolution over the Carbon Tax end of next year?). Seat gains to Libs are less than they were in 96.

        This is largely because ALP held seats in QLD with only one major gain to the Libs (Capricornia based in Rockhampton) and maybe Big Clive will win in Fairfax cancelling that gain out (The ALP have since lost Petrie as well, but the larger point remains). Most of the vote that the Libs expected to gain ended up going to Big Clive, which ultimately ended coming back to ALP through preferences. Big Clive will also likely get the ALP's last QLD Senate spot (Former Bronco Glen Lazarus). The ALP also performed much better than expected in SA losing only one Adelaide seat, Hindmarsh, in the western suburbs.

        In conclusion: Relax Lefties is not as bad as it appeared at 7pm on election night.

I guess the only question to ask about the election now is why I wasn't invested in the result like I have been before? Sure I poured over the results, but on the night, my football team winning their first final in six years was more important to me. Maybe its because I now have utter contempt for both major parties who have torn apart all of the policies representing my sectional interests? Maybe the shock of the new has faded and I have become bored with it all? Or maybe it is just that I now have a well rounded life?

One thing is for certain. Now the result is done, I'm just over it, sick of seeing bitter people posting memes on social media about how stupid people were for voting in favour of Abbott. That is the result, and if the true majority don't like it, they will vote him out next time. That is both the strength and weakness of Australian democracy. The same people who the 'educated' think are 'stupid' will vote for him next time if they continue to be underestimated.

The irony is of course that these 'educated' people are doing the same thing that Rudd and Abbott did to them, which is why we are here in the first place. 

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