Saturday, 1 June 2013

The Linkage: Fourteen Months Edition

You haven't seen me lately. That is because fourteen months from now is the final deadline of my thesis, so the absences will continue. I have been reasonably well adjusted since my move at the beginning of the year. Everything seems to be going well apart from the usual messes. I have had 2 dates since I've moved to Brisbane. The first went well, but as usual I liked her more than she liked me. It was all the more telling with the change of her 'Facebook status' just 8 days after we met. The other date was disastrous however, and would have to be the worst I have ever been on. Unfortunately I have had way too many dates to compare this to.

In the last months I have:

Lamented the demise of the greatest TV show that everyone else hated for inexplicable reasons
Sung songs with Julie Andrews
Seen Tripod!
Luxuriated in the wonder of the greatest guitarist in the world
Continued my love affair with Mad Men
Managed to read some great books
Bought tickets to see Swifty!


  1. Holy crap! Did Tripop play Ghost ship? My personal favourite. That and their Dungeons and Dragons satire-song.

  2. No originals, just covers of Australian songs