Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Meeting Tegan and Sara

So this happened last night.
Yup that's ME with TEGAN and SARA!

They are my two favourite people in the entire universe and meeting them was everything I hoped it would be. We talked for around 5 minutes. Tegan instantly recognised me as 'an Old School' Tegan and Sara fan as the shirt I'm wearing stems from The Con tour of 2007. I then mentioned that I had followed them around the country on that tour and they looked thankful and modest. Especially when I told them about all their shows I've seen.

Then it was off to the merch table where just as I did in 2007 I brought one of every t-shirt and I got a hoodie as well.

The gig itself was first rate, especially the medley of old songs they played during the encore. I was behind the mixing desk. A random person next to me could tell I was a superfan, got this from lighting director GiGi, then gave it to me. Thank you random person!

Truthfully I am just glad I was able to string a series of coherent sentences together!