Monday, 19 November 2012

Happy Returns

It is my birthday on Thursday. I shall be turning 29. I didn't just write that because I am expecting a lot of well wishes, but because it simply marks yet another passage of time. A marker which indicates that my longevity is rewarded. To me it means that I will enjoy a day of cricket, some well wishes and time with my parents who deserve a lion share of the credit for my survival and productivity. Birthdays have diminishing returns for me as the years pass. So instead, I'd like to highlight the small things that have made the current passage of time extra special.
  • Thanks to the people who gave me hugs when I needed them
  • Thanks to people old and new who put their trust in me
  • Thanks to the people who doubt me, because I take great joy in proving them wrong.
  • Thanks to the artists and philosophers who continue to inspire me
  • Thanks to the small but loyal group of friends that I have, because I continue to need you most of all. 

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