Monday, 26 November 2012

'Are You Sure You Want You Delete Your Accounts?'

In July last year when I started chronicalling my adventures in CripDating™ I thought my journey would never end. I thought that I would remain unloved terminally. That there was no person for me. This journey would never end, because I would not be satisfied unless I had tons of sex, and broadcast the status change to the world ‘Todd Winther is in a relationship with…’

That never happened, at least not yet. But I have been happy, finally moving on from the past and I have met some truly wonderful women in the past year and a half. But love (with equivocation) is hard. Multiply that difficulty by ten and the challenge of finding the smart, beautiful, quick witted, compassionate woman (who loved me too) was hard. Getting over my fractured self esteem was harder still. Those were the goals I wanted to achieve, and I blitzed even my pathetically low expectations.

I felt loved. I am loved by new extraordinary people. People that I know who would do anything for me. I know this because they have. I now know that women that I am attracted to are attracted to me, legitimately. I now know that my instincts and gut feelings are to be trusted again. I now have confidence that a wonderful woman (who I may of or may not have met yet) will love me the way I want to be loved.

Currently I have failed in my big picture goal of finding a ‘girlfriend’ but I have closed down all of my online dating accounts because I have everything I need, and a whole lot more I didn’t expect.

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