Thursday, 30 August 2012

Final Draft

Dear Friend,

I haven't heard from you in a few weeks, though this is not uncommon. You were about to start a new job, you were going to work on your three unfinished manuscripts and a play on your uni holidays. That first draft of your play made me laugh, it was so dark and black. I loved it. It was so you.

I went to your Facebook page yesterday, quitely wondering why you hadn't posted a meme in a while, you know the ones, the piss take of those horror movies you like that I never get the meaning of? I assumed that you had locked yourself away and went on a 'writing binge' free of technology. You had warned me previously that you may do this without notice.

Only you didn't. You died five days after we last spoke. Cause unknown.

Cause unknown summarises it all really. I was obvlious to the fact that this tragedy occurred almost three weeks ago. I missed your funeral and your wake. I'm so sorry. I really wanted to be there. So badly. I know it wouldn't have mattered to you anyway. You would have just said to me 'Watch a movie instead, you'll have a much better time, as long as it isn't made by FUCKING Woody Allen!'.

All together we had known each other less than six months, and we never even met face to face. I loved talking movies with you. I made this list because of one conversation that we had. You said my list was too bland. This started a lively discussion on the artistic merit of the Coen Brothers. You convinced me to watch The Big Lebowski again. I did. I still HATED it. I managed to convince you to watch Amadeus as part of the deal despite the fact you said that it was nearly '...3 hours of Milos Forman over directing a movie about opera'. You told me after a second viewing that you liked it. Your willingness to be open to a change of mind, whilst I was (rightly) insistent about my taste suggests an openness I am not yet capable of and that you always had.

I remember the last words you typed to me.

Fuck you shit me, but at least you're smart about it... sometimes :P

We had made plans to go to the movies lots of times when I had moved to Brisbane. You said you were going to 'teach me about the finer points of the art of film making'. I was looking forward to that so much. Sadly I will never get those lessons now, but the next time the Coens make a movie, I'll watch it just for you.

Goodbye, may you find the audience your talents demanded.

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