Monday, 2 July 2012

'It Was A Good Year, A Very Good Year'?

This month marks a year since I started venturing into the world of online dating

Here are the results:
  • 1 close friend
  • 2 online friends who I communicate with on a semi regular basis
  • 1 friend who I think could be a pretty darn good long term partner, if only she was interested (She’s not, I’ve checked)
  • 1 date that went well initially, but ended horribly shortly thereafter.
  • 1 date that stood me up (twice)
  • 0 hookups
  • Countless rejections (Yes, the actual number is stored in my photographic memory, but you wouldn’t believe this number if I told you).
So what does this mean exactly?

Does it mean I’m not ready for what I truly desire? Have I set my sights ‘too high’? Am I chasing a fantasy that will never match the reality?

And now for the big questions: Does my crippleness play a role in this? Or my antisocial behavior? Or it is my lack of bravery? Three people who I could have approached earlier are now attached. Doubtless they would probably end up in the ‘rejections’ pile too.

So here’s to another year, or maybe more. I never really know.

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