Monday, 30 July 2012

Extended & Restricted

I haven’t been motivated to write here recently because it does seem redundant. The thesis continues to progress at a snail's place, so much so that the deadline has been extended by a further year and will now be due in August of 2014. This is both an agonizing curse and delightful blessing, as the deadline pressure has eased, but it’s still another bloody year, which means that upon its presumed completion the thesis would have taken five and half years, and that is just too fucking long for my liking.

The other two projects have been documented in great detail previously. I’m still desperately lonely, longing for a meaningful companion without success, despite my frenzied efforts. Equally frustrating is the saturation of coverage on the NDIS. This tires me particularly when reading stupid, self serving, one sided op-ed pieces. If I had more energy and purpose I would perhaps pen a more intelligent retort, but it now seems easier just to express my frustration internally and concentrate on my two ongoing projects. While I can alter my own destiny personally and professionally I cannot alter systemic bureaucratic ignorance and incompetence that lasts a lifetime.

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