Friday, 11 May 2012


What happens when you have little credibility?

My very vocal detractors may argue cogently that I have absolutely none to begin with. To them I’m just an upstart with a loud obnoixious voice trying to get attention and noterity. Especially those who claimed they have won after the piss weak announcement in this week’s budget. Let’s look at the facts, with thanks to Vern Hughes from the Physical Disability Australia Facebook Group
The federal budget committed $1 billion to the NDIS over the next four years: 
Beginning with $84 million in 2012-13 
Rising to $363 million in 2015-16.

Only one third of this is for care and support for people with disabilities. 

  • $53 million is to set up the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

  • $155 million is to employ local co-ordinators for the NDIA.

  • $250 million is to build an IT system for the NDIA "to measure the performance of the new arrangements"
  • $123 million is "to prepare the disability sector to deliver services in new ways."

  • $17 million is for "research and development"
  • $59 million is for assessments of people with a disability to determine their eligibility. 

This breakdown of spending, and the prioritisation of management functions over care and support, is absolutely predictable. It fits perfectly the priorities of the industry representatives who form the NDIS Implementation Task Forces.

  • $0 for education and training of people with disabilities and their families in self-direction.

  • $0 for an IT system for people with disabilities and their families to use and to manage their supports and services.

  • $0 for research and development for innovations for people with disabilities  and their families.

  • $0 for development of a retail market for people with disabilities and their families to access and to choose the services they want based on transparent price and quality data.
And instead the public are exposed to this ill-informed piece of crap by Wendy Harmer who thinks people with disabilities should be ‘happy’ and we should ‘cheer’ for this miserable excuse of a policy. This comes from a woman who will not have her fate determined by the effects of this policy for the rest of her life.

I realise that I am in the very severe minority here, but I feel like I am one of the few who can see the absolute obvious here. Why can’t more people see it? I cannot tell you how much it frustrates me.  Every time I voice my objections, I’m the one who gets painted as having no credibility because the majority has group think.

So what will it take to get some credibility? Finishing my PhD? Becoming a celebrity and pimping myself out? Becoming one of the useless people who get put on these pointless advisory groups?

And then I think ‘Fuck it, I’m done with this disability policy shit, I want to have fun, try to form a decent relationship with someone I love and develop my academic career.' And then it hits me like a punch in the guts.

If I give up on the policy shit, the person who loses out the most is me.

And then I remember why I hate being a cripple.

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  1. True Todd - there is nothing in the NDIS that insures or wil insure against hating being a cripple nor any funding that guarantees a sense of humour and goodwill will be maintained.

    'The universe is made of stories, not atoms' ...maybe there is more than one way to view your story?

    Take care