Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Time to Give a F"ck

One of my Facebook friends just commented on a photo of two drunk girls kissing in a Brisbane nightclub and it popped up on my feed. It was taken directly off the nightclub’s web page.  Minutes after the photo was posted one of the kissing participants clearly stated that she did not consent to this photo being distributed. In today’s culture this is often regarded as socially and sexually acceptable. Yet days earlier, there was a public outcry when Kelly Vincent, a South Australian Senator, proposed laws which would give consenting adults with a disability the right to see a sex worker. What’s wrong with our society? You can drive a track through the outrageous double standards at work here.

Most conservative know-it-alls rage against the prospect of subsiding people with a disability to have sex without knowing the benefits of such programs. Little do they know that sex is a valid form of physical therapy for many people with disabilities. Therefore, subsidizing sexual activity for those who need it, is just as valid as subsidizing occupational therapy as State Governments already do. Or do people wish for me to pay for that too? 

No, I’m not being cute. Apart from the other obvious pleasures, activities of a sexual nature are the only time my body and my brain work in co-operation. Sex allows me to explore what my body is capable of in a positive, enjoyable environment and gives me incentive to manipulate my body more than (tax payer funded) physiotherapy ever could.

Then there are the emotional and psychological benefits. As I have discussed previously sex is one of the main avenues towards physical and emotional intimacy. We all need a good fuck once in a while.

So why should others decry such an important and innovative policy? I would ask those who are still opposed, how they would feel if they were denied sex for several years, even decades? Or even worse, what if never had sex in your entire life? You think you could cope? If you are deluded enough to say yes I would offer a blunt response.

Fuck off!

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