Monday, 5 March 2012

Trapped By Stupidity

Sometimes I wonder how I can live in a world where people are actually conditioned to ignore the absolute obvious?

Then I realize that once I voice my disapproval at such stupidity I am branded as a cynic. I think this only applies if you think ‘cynicism’ is a synonym for ‘well informed’.

And then there are moments when I am absolutely appalled that I am referred to as part of the ‘disabled community’. This is not because I cannot walk, or that I’m in a wheelchair, it is because for 99% of the time what the ‘mainstream community in the disability sector’ sprout as gospel offends and sickens me down to my very core. Yet I am an unwilling participant in such debates, due to bad luck and misfortune surrounding my birth.

It is made even worse by the fact that I am the ultimate hypocrite. I actually have to ask some of these people for help, so I can attempt to live something resembling a ‘normal life’. You might say, ‘try something else’, but the sector and the tools they use are so incestuous, the structure so rigid and backward that I am left with no choice but to beg these idiots for help. All because my brain does not work as it should.

I am forcibly attached to a ‘community’ I want no part of, for the rest of my life. And I will be forced to play by their rules forever. That I must submit reviles and terrifies me. Yet above all else their ignorance controls my destiny.  

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