Thursday, 22 March 2012

Political Euthanasia

Congratulations to the Queensland ALP for broadcasting the worst campaign ad in recent memory.
The last 48 hours of a campaign represent a ‘media blackout’, this means no TV ads, no radio spots, and no presence in newspapers. For most people the above is the last they will hear from the ALP before they go to vote. What is the takeaway here? 

We know we are going to lose, please don’t be too hard on us.


Imagine such an argument in a sporting context. Down by ten goals your football team decides to call a forfeit with half an hour to go. Then the team decides the time would be better spent grabbing a few drinks at the local bar.

It is quite frankly insulting. What’s the point of the many ALP volunteers who will hand out how to vote cards on Saturday? What was the point of me investing 8 years of my life in an organization that gives up so easily.

You have lost my respect and my vote.

I am disgusted.

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