Thursday, 2 February 2012

Captain Bligh or the Tin of Soup, Which is Worse?

I should be writing more about the Queensland State Election… wait I should be campaigning as part of the election. But why bother?

There is no ALP candidate endorsed in my seat of Buderim. In the seat next closest to that, the ALP candidate is a complete waste of space. Further, and perhaps most importantly of all, the ALP has a leader who has achieved the wonderful double of being uninspired, whilst still managing to betray all the basic principles of her party.

Only problem with this is the LNP is even worse (if that is possible): committing the worst mistake that an Opposition Leader can make: promising generalities and neglecting specifics. The Bligh ‘Government’ should be easy target practice, they have more broken promises than a security guard at Neverland. It’s not that the LNP haven’t had time to orchestrate some policies, they have been in Opposition for 20 of the past 22 years. The most damning feature of all, is that the most credible Opposition Leader they have had during this period has not even been elected to Parliament yet. 

Queensland is the only State in Australia that hasn’t had a upper house for more than 30 years. One of the more indirect features of such a system is that Oppositions rarely win elections, with only two achieving this in the past forty years. So the choice Queensland faces is either an inept government well past its prime, or an Opposition so devoid of intellectual talent they make Sir Joh sound like Plato.

And so on March 24th, all Queenslanders are doomed to failure either way.

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