Monday, 16 January 2012

You Want To Win An Oscar? Play A (Real) Cripple.

I have this theory…

If there is a movie based on my life, the person who plays me will win an Oscar.

This is not just a boast, it is mere statistical fact. If an actor or actress plays a cripple, they are a chance. If they portray a real life person, they are a bigger chance. If they play a real life cripple it is a slam dunk.

Since 1980 there have been nine actors who have played real life people and won. Four of these qualify as having some of sort of disability. These are Daniel Day Lewis as Christy Brown, (1987), Geoffery Rush as David Healthcot, (1996) Jamie Fox as Ray Charles (2004) and Colin Firth as King George VII (2010). There is no case where a person portraying a real life cripple has lost a Best Actor Oscar in that time

While no actress playing a real life crip has been nominated for an Oscar since 1980, there is a twist in the theory.  Marliee Matlin who has a hearing impairment, played a fictional character who had a hearing impairment, won an Oscar for Children Of A Lesser God (1986).

Based on this theory Meryl Streep is odds on to win the Best Actress Oscar in 2011, for her portrayal of a past her prime, dementia riddled Margret Thatcher. Care to comment and prove my prediction wrong?

This proves that the Academy are soft touches when it comes to real life crips, just like society in general.

So how about it Tobey? Can your people call my people?

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  1. Having seen Geoffrey Rush in Shine and Colin Firth in The King's Speech, I'd say they won because they each gave a bloody good performance.