Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Swings and Roundabouts

Sometimes I wish I kept my old Myspace blog.

Towards the end of 2004, I was feeling particularly lovelorn, so I decided to have a rant about love as a biological construct. 'Is it any wonder that generally men are horny all time, whereas women are more selective?' I pondered. 'After all they only have one egg to procreate and us males have thousands upon thousands of sperm. Yes, we are wankers!'

This particular entry crossed my mind today as I checked in with FS . The concept of 'love' came up. More specifically if you are in a relationship, particularly in its new stages, everything seems to be more exciting, fresh, and new, to the point that I once equated it to hearing a record for the first time.  If you’re not, or in a bad relationship everything can seem like a festering pile of crap, particularly in the over sharing society of Facebook and Twitter. So the instinctive, telling question is: what does one do to prevent this tendency from becoming too immersed in relationships?

So called ‘relationship experts’ talk about basic things like developing outside interests beyond your partner, but this doesn’t seem to counter the biological or hormonal tendency to drown in the glory of a promising relationship. I know my tendency to become enveloped in a new potential relationship is one of my biggest flaws. I preach moderation, but fail spectacularly when practicing it.

Sometimes its best to not keep pushing higher, and learning to wait for your turn.

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