Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Conversation

Today I started a 3 week stint teaching Introduction to International Politics while my boss takes leave. I have taught the course for the past 5 years, but decided just to fill in this time.

I get ready to take one of my three classes and then this conversation takes place:
Student: Hello 'little man'
Me: Uhhh hello
S What's a big boy like you doing here?
Me: I'm teaching your class today
S: You mean your mummy's taking the class?
Me: NO, I'M taking the class.
S Are you (my boss's) son?
Me: No, I'm filling in for 3 weeks, she's on leave
S: I don't believe you
Me I can get you my PhD Scholarship papers, my columns for the ABC, and the national media, plus the first chapter of my PhD if you like?
S (Silence)
Me: Stop being an ignorant dickhead and sit your arse down.
S: Oops
Me: Oops indeed!
I hate being a crip and dealing with shit like that. If my job didn't require that I be civil to the arsehole his leg would be broken!

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