Monday, 8 August 2011

Utter Failure

After today's article all but saying that the Government is going to adopt the majority of the Productivity Commission's recommendations for an NDIS, total despair and helplessness has set in. It was expected, but it doesn't make things easier.

To those who thought I only opposed the NDIS to be controversial: you are dead wrong. Quite frankly the arguments that have questioned my motives in this whole debate are far more offensive than an abject policy. I would give up my entire 'career' (If indeed you can call half a dozen articles, a half finished PhD and a blog with 50 reads per entry a 'career') for a policy that will give me the support system I need. Thanks to those who thought I was negative for the sake of it and not a dissenter that used all of the skills I have at my disposal to fight for the cause of my life, thank you  My ego is of course far more important than my ENTIRE way of life.

Congratulations also to those who advocated for an NDIS, you got what YOU wanted. Ask for a dodgy system and that is what you get. Unfortunately I am burdened with it now too, thanks so much. I am sure I'll be thanking you for the rest of my life.

This announcement will force me to revaluate my political ideologies and thought processes. Fighting for my life and losing the war just adds to a year of continual disappointment. As usual though, you have not heard the last of me on this.

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