Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The End Is Just The Beginning...

Today the Gillard Government announced that they will adopt an NDIS. The parameters have yet to be established but based on today’s press conference it seems Gillard and Secretary McLucas have been busy photocoyping the draft report into the NDIS for 6 months and little else. The usual suspects are advising and running the show. I have never been so hurt, (yes, hurt) angry and disappointed.

Here's a copy of the final report.

I feel absolutely devastated. I do not feel part of the able bodied community or the so called 'disability community'. Neither group represents my interests. I have not felt so disengaged in my entire life.

Today is the first step in advocating for the abolition of a NDIS and drafting a new and better solution. I don't care if it takes my whole life. From here on out I belong to no group relating to disability. It is just me against the political establishment.  I am yet to decide if I will continue with the ALP, at this stage it looks doubtful.

Turns out those people in my undergraduate days were right: I am a radical. That once upon a time, would have filled me with pride. Instead it is substituted with pain.

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