Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Ain't No 'Sunshine' (Coast)

Stand by for a whinge…

It has been clearly established that I hate Saturday nights. Whilst it seems to be almost everyone’s favourite portion of the week I am in the minority. This is particularly so when the football season finishes in five weeks time. There are several reasons for this.

I have the misfortune to live in an extremely boring location. The only worthwhile thing to do on the Sunshine Coast is to go see a movie. Even then decent movies are only played three months out of every year because the cultural peek of the Sunshine Coast is the latest Hollywood adaptation of a BBC mini series that aired a decade ago. Why is there nothing to do? First of all, you have to take transport to go anywhere. Second, this area is not exactly a beacon for culture. Basically the Sunshine Coast rivals the Rugby League World Cup for its concentration of the Anglo-Saxon populace (and even the RWC has a few Islanders sprinkled throughout). Consequently, there is no cultural diversity within one hundred kilometers of Brisbane. (Unless you like ‘Asian’ food which I abhor). Readers might say that I am being overly cynical. ‘If you don’t like it, leave’ they might say. To which I can only respond ‘I wish’.

The more pressing disappointment is my constant failure to maintain a well rounded friendship group. If I were that lucky my Saturday Night would not consist of working on my thesis, which ironically seems to the most productive time of the week to do so. As I am on the other side of twenty and I feel like I hardly enjoyed my youth or had time to craft an identity besides my intellectual pursuits. If you asked me what constitutes ‘fun’ outside my computer and my television I could barely answer. It is not as if I am not trying hard.

Time is not on my side. I have lost all the people born in the same decade as me who even once resembled a friend, despite my best efforts. I wonder what I am doing wrong. I don’t deliberately push people away. Perhaps they can only handle my personality in small doses?

Quitting the ALP certainly won’t help matters in this regard.

I need to get out of here, quickly.

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