Saturday, 11 June 2011

Things You Should Not Do On A Saturday Night: A List

  1. Lament that you don't have any plans, knowing that you have done nothing to create any yourself
  2. Think of the past
  3. Listen to sad music
  4. Regret not having Pay TV in your bedroom, because you know you are missing out on the best game of the weekend, and yet you have to wait until Monday to watch it
  5. Miss the opportunity to do something a bit different because you are too chicken shit to do so.
  6. Overload on TV shows throughout the week, causing fatigue and the inability to actually enjoy a lonely Saturday Night.
  7. Constantly repeat #2
  8. Perform every item on this list for at least 25 consecutive weeks, perhaps more
  9. Repeat it all the next Saturday night, because even if you wanted to change things, you cannot.

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