Thursday, 5 May 2011

Lissie Outshines Washington

I was going to do a long form review of the Washington gig I went to last night at The Tivoli in Brisbane. However, Carly Findlay’s review of Washington's Melbourne show earlier this week pretty much takes care of things. Except for a few differences:
  • I don’t think Washington was drunk, she seemed to enjoy her the home town crowd. She was weird and quirky, but I think that’s just part of her personality
  • The live show was very different from the album experience. On the album I enjoy the fast tempo numbers like The Hardest Part, Cement, and Sunday Best, but the arrangements to those songs were poor, almost too fast and poorly composed. I think she was let down by her backing band in this respect. In contrast the slower numbers, I Believe You Liar, How to Tame Lions and Underground were the highlights of the set and worth the price of admission alone.
But Washington had a lot to live up to because her support act Lissie stole the show and put on one of the most memorable live sets I think I have ever seen. On stage she was like Lucinda Williams and Joan Jett's love child. The backing band were experienced and technically perfect. They even also managed to convince me to like a hip hop song, no small task.

Motto of the gig: Buy your ticket for Washington, stay for Lissie, not the other way around

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  1. Lissie was great. Washington admitted she was drunk on stage. Thanks for the link :)