Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Cripple Smackdown!

So my latest article got published in two places today. I was always going to write an article like this. Not because I have it in for carers, nor because I feel that my opinion is more important than anyone else, merely because I disagree with most of the crap put out there surrounding the NDIS, and I have the opportunity to state my views.

I knew most people would disagree with me. So what? The NDIS may well get through, and if it does congrats to the people who believe in it. They are a very determined bunch. But there are better ways to reform the disability sector.  Nationalise the disability sector. Make the service providers impotent instead of giving them all the power, (as they seem to be controlling the debate). How? I don’t have all the answers yet. I am working on a submission to the Productivity Commission, which will be done by April 30 (and republished here) 

It is clear I have pissed a few people off. Good.

It is interesting that the whole debate around the articles has centered around 'The Carers Vs Me' (the headline by The Punch which I did not write does not help). It was more designed to pose questions and ask ‘Who Really Benefits?’ from this crusade. The service organisations certainly do because they will get the money from the Government to implement this fancy crippled pyramid scheme. The Government does, because they get the kudos for developing any semblance of a policy because that constitutes ‘progress’. The martyrs do because they will get patted on the back. But will people with disabilities and the unsung carers get what they need? Time will tell.

As for me, I doubt I will see any real benefits of any type of reform, because by the time something credible actually exists I will have already had to develop my own alternative. It may seem trite to say I’m not doing this for me. It would also be lying. I am just sick and tired of fighting for rights that should be automatic.

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