Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Things I Hate: Part I

You know what this blog needs? More cynicism!

  1. People who still use 'That awkward moment when..' meme and think its funny. It is not. 
  2. Politicians who comment on sporting news or celebrities and describe them as 'Great Australians' it is not your job to be a an arbiter of good taste so just shut up and do your job.
  3. Q&A. The worst television show in Australia. This includes Better Homes and Gardens
  4. Twitter trending topics that are about inane subjects. They make me want to commit pop cultural genocide to anyone born after 1991. I do not care about the #bestbreakuplinesever
  5. Anytime the word #fail is used in non academic conversation
  6. Anyone who asks if I'm 'okay'. Either way you know the answer to this 
  7. Any form of rugby
  8. Any form of 'lifestyle programming'
  9. People who describe me as 'far too serious'
  10. People who choose to demean the profession of politics
  11. Anyone who has an opinion on politics that is not an informed one
  12. People who give more weight to superficial rather than intellectual discussions
  13. Excessive photography of yourself
  14. Continual status updates via Facebook/Twitter
  15. Circular arguments
  16. Leigh Sales AND Chris Ulhman
  17. People who post YouTube clips of things that they hate or find annoying
  18. Commercial morning television (Read the paper or at least the headlines for fuck's sake)
  19. People who try to change my mind about things I hate
  20. People who complain about what I do or how I do it.
  21. Catherine Devaney
  22. Paris Wells
  23. Nick Vujicic

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