Sunday, 27 March 2011

Quarter Pounder

The year is almost 3 months old: one quarter over. 2011 so far has been shit. This time last year I was frighteningly optimistic, almost over confident and although things would not fall apart until the last week of the year. I doubt I will ever display that level of hubris again. Tragedy and disappointment does that to you.

However, I want to focus on the few positives I’ve managed to stumble upon so far this year.

Podcasts: This is the one hobby I’ve picked up this year thanks once again to The AV Club and its wonderful Podmass feature. It has allowed me to rediscover my childhood love of 1980s and 90s NBA basketball through the crazy mind of Bill Simmons. It also has given me one of the few opportunities to laugh this year with the team of Extra Hot Great. I have also enjoyed  many other podcasts, which discuss television criticism.

My Writing: My writing both here and at RampUp has improved enormously, and has allowed me to channel my overwhelming anger effectively. I have stopped using my writing as a passive aggressive way to get attention and have instead taken a more honest and direct approach.

Reading: I have actually got through 6 really good books this year with more to follow.

Yeah… that’s pretty much it. At least the football has started.

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