Wednesday, 9 March 2011

'Our Best Day'

I’ve spoken about the wonders of Marit Larsen before. She is definitely my favourite pop star in the world. It remains a crime against music that her talents are not widely recognised. Unfortunately she is between albums at the moment, but thank god for small mercies.

Yesterday Marit Larsen released a new song Vår Beste Dag (Our Best Day), a cover of a traditional Norwegian folk song. The lyrics were incomprehensible to me initially, but in a strange way I thought that made the song even more beautiful. Here’s a translation I found:

Come listen to the depths, as we row toward dawn
Hear, the jellyfish tuning its strings
Promising is the sound of fish ripples
This day may be our best day.
Our fjord still shimmers, fresh and blue
Your eyes are free, your back is straight
Much we must meet, much we must master,
But today, it may be our best day.

The lyrics would have you believe the song is optimistic, but the instrumentation is solemn and sombre. It is almost as if Marit thinks the best day might be her last: a feeling I can completely relate to. Now that I understand the song’s meaning this piece of art is truly transcendent. This song completely encapsulates the magic that is Marit. I’m hoping that her third album results in more material like this.

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