Monday, 10 January 2011

Ramp Up

One of my dreams has always been to work for the ABC. All of the people I respect in intelligentsia either work for the National Broadcaster, or are a former employee. Bob Ellis, Marieke Hardy, Annabel Crabb and Kerry O’Brien are now counted as work colleagues of mine.

I was approached late last year to become a regular contributor to a website about disability sector issues commissioned by the ABC. Edited by award winning journalist Stella Young Ramp Up is created by people with disabilities covering a wide range of topics that are important to its writers: all of whom either have a disability themselves or work in the sector.

My objective as a contributor to Ramp Up is to continue my hard hitting confrontational style that I have already pursued with my blogging. I have had two articles published so far. The first took a swipe at disability advocacy groups. As you can imagine, this was not well received. The second article criticised politicians on both sides of the spectrum for not paying enough attention to the disability sector.  I expect the article to cause much more of a stir in the coming days.

I’m halfway through a third article and have plenty more controversial topics in the pipeline. But the success of this site is not based on my efforts. By far the best article on the site deserves far more attention than it has received thus far.

This is exactly the type of exposure issues of this nature need, and if I have to become the Keith Olbermann of the crippled community so be it.

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