Monday, 9 August 2010

Campaign Tidbits: Adult Contemporary Music Style

There is two weeks to go in the 2010 Federal Election Campaign: the polls are neck and neck, so here’s a quick rundown of the important points so far:

  • Increasingly my attitude towards the current ALP campaign resembles that of Meat Loaf. The campaign lacks substance, any sense of direction or coherent message. Julia’s had a terrible campaign, with the NSW Right faction to blame for installing Gillard in the first place, and even worse rushing to an election so quickly when she has nothing to sell, no record to market, and demonstrates few discernible leadership qualities. The fact that Abbott is on even terms is not a reflection on him, but evidence that Gillard is tanking.
  • Kevin Rudd’s return to the campaign has served as a reminder of his superior campaigning skills. It seems to be doing no harm that he is taking my advice. How about a job Kevin?
  • The Opposition's campaign launch was yesterday and it demonstrated why an Abbott Government would be an equivalent to an Australian political apocalypse. It was all very 1985: Back to the Future was very popular, John Howard was Liberal leader pushing almost identical policies and Simply Red released Tony Abbott’s new campaign theme song.
  • God bless Mark Latham. He may be a dickhead, but gosh he is the only thing exciting about the campaign. It’d be an absolute catastrophe but I wish he would return to politics. Or better yet he could be a political reporter for a current affairs show that is famous for its lowest common denominator political coverage and flirt pieces with politicians. Hang on…
  • We all know why Labor isn’t pushing its tremendous record of economic stability, it’s Kevin’s, not Julia’s. But Karl Bitar should craft an ad out of this article from a Nobel Prize winning economist. If crafted in the right way, the campaign is over.

Right now there’s a strong possibility I might be playing Skyhooks on election night as Red Kerry and Antony Green count the numbers on the ABC. It will only be the beginning of three years in which Australia is trapped in a bygone era.

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  1. Lol. I like this post.

    As to election night, well, let's hope not. Surely people will get to the polling booth on election day and think "Abbott. Seriously? I'm voting for ABBOTT? Fuck this, I'm voting Greens" and then we get the preferences anyway! Not that I'd be that happy if the Greens got more seats...they scare me.