Thursday, 17 June 2010

A Call to Arms for Every Tegan and Sara Fan.

You know how much I love Tegan and Sara, right? They're my heroes, my creative muses, not to mention the two best musicians ever. They're twin sisters, and they're both lesbians.

However, some sick 'fans' thought it would be cool to make a website to post fan fiction of Tegan and Sara having sex. This is disgusting and offensive. So me and my T&S loving pal Sarah are kicking arse and taking names. We're asking you to report said group whose full web address is below

Report this website for abuse and shut down it by going here

Tegan, Sara, their family (who are included in some posts) deserve better, so even if you're not a fan or haven't heard of them, please do your bit to help them get the treatment they deserve!


  1. I will never totally understand people who do things like this. Why would someone even spend their time making up that stuff? Ugh. I'll definitely report it.