Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Going Back to the Church of Tegan and Sara

As I’ve mentioned on my blog before, I went on a road trip with my best friend designed to witness as many shows of the wonderful Tegan and Sara as possible. We managed three, one each in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. At the beginning of last year I saw them twice again: once at the Sunset Sounds Festival and the other time in my hometown of Adelaide. Today, Tegan and Sara announced their next Australian tour, this time in support of Sainthood, including a stop over in Brisbane on May 4th, 2010 where I will see them play for the sixth time in just under two and half years.

Previous posts on this blog have discussed the band’s stellar recording output over the past decade, but have failed to capture the experience of seeing the Quin Twins live. Without a word of hyperbole I can safely say that seeing them live borders on having a religious experience. There are tears, screaming, shouting, laughing and heart palpations. As you read this you’ll probably feel bad for those people who choose to accompany me to these events, and if I were you I would too. But the truth is by the time Tegan and Sara hit the stage we are all quoting the lyrics like Bible verses.

Why bother getting so excited for an event that is currently 89 days away (yes, I am counting already) you may ask? Well, in case you haven’t noticed dear reader, I don’t get out much. Most use those last few words in a self aware, almost mocking tone. For me though, ‘I don’t get out much’ says a lot about my reality. It is not something to be sad about, or to be proud of (both of which I have been at various points of my life). It is more about my life reading like a giant game of ‘what if?’ If I wasn’t in a chair I may well have had more exhilarating experiences. If I wasn’t in a chair I wouldn’t be living on the Sunshine Coast, thus depriving me of so many cultural experiences, decent music or otherwise. If I wasn’t in a chair perhaps seeing two sexy, funny, intelligent, creative, diminutive Canadians between the armpits of several audience members wouldn’t be the highlight of my existence. Or perhaps not.

More than that though, there is a reason I’ve put ‘Quinist’ as my religious beliefs on Facebook. Don’t assume that it is a joke, for it is very real. In a climate where my focus is utterly consumed by becoming a future Karl Bitar or Tim Gartrell, that is highly scheduled and ordered, that is often beyond my control and comprehenion, and that constantly underestimates my capabilities based on superficial appearances, Tegan and Sara make me forget all those things. Particularly in a live setting, there is nothing that quite matches the bridge of Dark Come Soon or the harmonies on Where Does the Good Go. It is all truly heavenly. Come to the alter with me and you will be converted.


  1. Your experiences of going to T&S concerts sound like a good ol' fashioned tent revival: "There are tears, screaming, shouting , laughing, and heart palpatations." LOL! I'm glad you've found an artist to love that much. For I haven't really. Maybe the Foo Fighters at one point, but that's all gone downhill since their 1X1 record.