Friday, 22 January 2010

This Place Actually Means Something...?

Taking a brief break from study and I just wanted to quickly write about what an extraordinary week it has been particularly after the non action that characterised the last few. Mainly through a set of lucky circumstances, and through one of my blogs I had a strange, but nonetheless delightful encounter with my distant past this week that I would have never, ever expected.

More often than not when I examine my past like it is one of those cheesy clip shows that television series do to fill up air time when they run out of creative energy. I pick and choose the best bits of my existence to fit the larger narrative, and sometimes along the way I miss the small and incremental steps that are just as important, mostly the dark and stormy times that are uncomfortable to revisit. Through this week’s strange turn of events though that is exactly what I’ve had to do, but the great thing about the experience is that now I am able to put a positive spin on probably the darkest period of my life to date.

On a somewhat related topic, this week has also made me realise that literally anyone can read this particular blog. Not that I didn’t realise this before, but the prospect of this week’s events actually occurring were indeed so remote that it still feels like a dream. To me, my writing is ineffectual to anyone but me, a place where I come to vent my frustrations mostly because it is possibly the only outlet I have where I can make sense of my world. To think that others read these words and actually take solace from them, respect them, or are indeed inspired by them is a foreign concept. This week however I now know this to be true, that strange dreams can become reality, and that great things can happen when you least expect them.

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