Saturday, 19 December 2009

Best Songs of 09

Much like the albums of the decade, the best songs of the 00s feature a strong Australian contingent. As usual it is pop heavy and female dominated: proof that some things really do never change. I was going to do a countdown featuring blurbs from 10 to 1, but have just decided to list them. I have decided to put more time into the decade lists coming later this week.

10 Heavens to Purgatory: The Most Serene Republic
9 Not Fair: Lily Allen
8 Clean White Love: Lisa Mitchell
7 Untouchable Taylor Swift
6 Playing God: Paramore
5 Battlefield: Jordin Sparks
4: Just Like You: Allison Iraheta
3 Painful: Dash & Will
2 Charlotte Rampling: Decoder Ring
1 On Directing: Tegan and Sara

As usual, I’ve made a mix of my favourite songs of year. 27 of the songs I have been addicted to this year including the ones listed above. Download it, and comment.

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