Friday, 9 October 2009

Resuming Normal Service

I'm working on the thesis, and behind on the proposed book reviews and watching the television shows in my rotation (9 shows to watch most likely tonight/tomorrow.) Sunday is ALP Regional conference (in of all places, the delightful Nambour) where I am seconding a motion that has already been submitted and bringing a motion up from the floor. After that, essays are due Monday and I start marking for a week or two in between thesis work. During which I have another two books to peruse and make copious notes, before submitting another draft of the conformation document to my supervisors.

Therefore I would like to reflect on the last couple of posts and set the record straight. The last few posts have taken on a decidedly negative tone focusing on things that it was never designed to. This place was never designed as an outlet for me to talk about my disability, or indeed to reflect the life of one who ‘suffers’ from a disability. Naturally sometimes the focus of discussion will inevitably drift towards the topic, but where possible I aim to avoid it directly henceforth. I may be in denial, but I am not disabled.

I am grateful for things as they currently stand. Reading another blog today reminded me of just how lucky I am. I don’t have to put up with drama, stupidity, nor pain. I am a smart guy who is well on the way to achieving his potential (always my greatest fear is that I will not), I have great friends and family, I am doing what I love. And I will make a difference in this world. When I have all of that, minor things like shitting on schedule or the ability to satisfy ones primal urges remain trivial.

And the ironic thing is that about 3 hours after posting my blog suggesting that no one will catch my eye, someone did. Like those who came before her it will never, never, ever happen, too many factors conspiring against it, including a few years. To paraphrase the previous post the record hasn’t even been put on yet, much less been bought from the shop. But I picked it up, put it back and shall think about purchasing it if the stars align, but for now it sits firmly on the shelf.

So how about that Malcolm Turnbull? ….

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