Friday, 16 October 2009

An Inspired List

I feel this weird compulsion to write even though its all I’ve been doing for a few days now. Whether it be my thesis, several long winded emails to friends or that metaphorical red pen through the track changes of a Word document, I’m sick of the word processor. And yet I have so many pent up emotions, both good and bad that I need to channel this cacophony of feelings into some form, although I know I cannot say what I want to say at this point… but soon enough.

So what you’re getting is a list. I’ve just read an amazing ‘bucket list’ of things a person who I admire greatly hopes to achieve in their lifetime. As good as that bucket list was, I’ve come to the conclusion that those aren’t for me, so I decided on a variant, more of a list of affirmations that I hope will keep me focused in amongst the many joys and the many doubts that plague me.

1. I will try to remain balanced in all areas of my life
2. I will remain focused on my goals
3. I will get through my thesis in the allotted time period no matter how big the task may seem at any given moment
4. I will broaden my horizons
5. I now believe its possible for me to be happy, despite all the obstacles that confront me, obvious or otherwise
6. I believe I will change the world
7. I will not resort to self destructive behaviour when things don’t go my way
8. I will continue to maintain my sense of perspective
9. I will not become single minded, no matter how tempting that might be
10. The most important things in my life: are my family, my friends, my music, my political party, and my football team in that order
11. I will continue to fight for what I believe is right
12. I will continue to be thankful for my best friend, the greatest person on the face of the earth
13. I will continue to fight injustice in the world
14. I believe that the ALP is the greatest political party on earth. Sometimes I may disagree with policies or actions of a minor consequence, but in terms of the bigger picture, it’s the greatest vessel to espouse my social democratic values and will remain so
15. I will never apologise for who I am.
16. I will not compromise the core values, outlined in 10, for anyone
17. I believe that I know my purpose in life
18. I know some people will scoff at this list, and think its corny, and to them I say ‘You try it buddy, perhaps you might get inspired, and if not there is no place for you in my world’
19. I know that if I die tomorrow, I will remain unsatisfied
20. I believe that it truly sucks to be a cripple, but I wouldn’t have it any other way
21. I believe in Karma. What you give is what you get returned (See what I did there?)
22. One day I will write two books, one an autobiography, and one on music criticism, and I won’t care whether they get published
23. Despite what people tell me, I know myself better than anyone else
24. Sometimes its OK to be vulnerable, but I know that this vulnerability will only be exposed to a lucky few
25. Every important moment has a song attached it.
26. Sometimes the record may get scratched, but its important to play it for the first time
27. I know that I am lucky
28. Someday, I will not be insecure. When that day comes the world will know
29. This list is for me and no one else
30. I will always be open and honest with my feelings
31. I will tell the right people I love them
32. Sometimes its good to know that things can change, change is scary, but it is life


  1. Aww, Todd. That almost made me cry. That is pretty freaking amazing. Forever this will be none as the Todd Manifesto. Because it's so much Todd, and it's wonderful. I need to freaking copy, paste, print, and remember, because you are a lot more wiser than I am.

  2. WHAT!!! I misspelled "known." How the hell did that happen!??!!? My deepest and sincere apologies. I HATE it when mistakes get published and I can't fix them. FML.

  3. Thanks Miranda, I'm glad it has proved as useful for you as it is for me.