Monday, 14 September 2009

Time for Dot Points: Edition 3

Things have been in a bit of a lull lately. I’ve finished the second draft of my confirmation document, but it is taking a while to get some much needed feedback. It is the main frustration of my thesis. I’m managing to do the work in the allotted time, however the feedback process is taking just as long as the writing, meaning that once I’ve done the reading I’m suppose to, there is more downtime than I anticipated. I’m sure it won’t be like that next year, so in the meantime a few words about my latest obsessions:

  • Unsurprisingly after the gig a few weeks ago I continue to remain bewitched by Lisa Mitchell, close to my favourite album of the year thus far, but you’ve heard enough about that already…
  • On an Aussie Idol related note my favourite contestant by far this year is Hayley Warner. Not only because she has a Hayley Williams type voice, but mostly because she is just herself. I can’t wait until she releases an album of her own material. To tide me over though her band Bleached Academy is wonderful. All four members are in Year 11 in high school? How crazy is that? Paramore fans should check them out, so many bands have been compared to them, but Bleached Academy is by far the best of them.
  • My favourite TV show at the moment is The Secret Life of The American Teenager. I’ve just spent the past three weeks getting up to date I have to be honest and say it is because the lead actress is extremely good looking, (Yes I'm an old pervy cradle robber), but once I got past that I realised it is a fantastic little dramedy about the perils of teenage pregnancy. It almost makes you forget that it is written by the creator of 7th Heaven. No preaching in this show, nor any annoying women with astronomically huge noses.
  • Currently waiting on two books. One a biography of Ted Kennedy by writers of The Boston Globe (not to be confused with the autobiography due out next week: I HATE autobiographies). The other is The March of Patriots by Paul Kelly the third in his unofficial trilogy following The Hawke Ascendancy and The End of Certainty. Reviews on both books will be posted upon completion.
  • The US TV season started last week. There are 13 shows in my regular rotation, both new and continuing. I love this time of year.
  • Sainthood Tegan and Sara’s new album, as well as their new book is out in 6 weeks!
  • Keep your eyes peeled for Best of Decade lists to come in December comprising the ‘20 Best Albums of the Decade’ ‘20 Best Songs of the Decade’ ‘20 Best TV Shows of the Decade’ and ‘10 Best Moments of the Decade’ as a supplement to my regular end of year songs and albums list.


  1. 1. I take it you haven't read Clinton's "My Life" since you hate autobiographies? Yes, I agree, they are glossed over like crazy.
    2. You need to get into NBC's Parks and Recreation!!! The show's main character is just like me!! LOL!! I'm pretty sure they have the last season on hulu or Hurry, cause the new season starts Thursday!
    3. You don't like Heroes? Too comic booky for you?
    4. Best of luck on the thesis! Keep up the hard work! Times are crazy mad for me, I move into my place in the city this Wednesday/Thursday!! After that I have no plans other than to return to my college for a football game with my 2 favorite people in the world (I bet you know who!). So we should def. catch up online or something!

  2. Looking forward to your best of lists :D especially '10 Best Moments of the Decade.