Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Process

It’s late, I’m tired, but I just became inspired by this amazing blog that I’ve read by Dia from Meg and Dia, about the experiences she went through making the band’s latest album ‘Here, Here and Here'.

Rather than being a standard tale of how a band makes an album, a lyric here, a chord there, this blog is really about the personal journey whilst making the album. Perhaps it’s a tad too ‘emo’ for some, too earnest for others, but at least for me it symbolizes that anything worth doing is a fucking hard slog. In Dia’s case it was about losing love and then finding it again, struggling to find a creative mojo and then discovering it just as quickly as it was lost. It’s something I can easily identify with.

Two months in writing my thesis and I’m fucking tired of it already. Don’t get me wrong, I love the material, but hate the grind of reading five and six books a week. Funny thing is that I knew it was going to be like this going in, but I also knew the slog would be insignificant when compared to the final goal of getting the PhD by the time I turn 29.

I was reminded this week of the achievements of Dr Denis Murphy, the academic, historian and politician who died six months before I was born, and it inspired me all over again. Not only was Murphy a lecturer at the University of Queensland, and a former State President of the ALP, but also a distinguished biographer who chronicled the lives of four different Labor leaders both State and Federal. At the beginning of 1983, he won the seat of Stafford in the state election, but died of cancer three months later. He is renowned for reforming the Queensland Labor Party with then State Secretary and future of Premier, Peter Beattie during the party’s dark days in opposition at the height of Sir Joh’s popularity,

The point being, as I to and fro about choosing a life of academia or politics, Murphy provides me with but one example of someone who excelled in both fields. From tragedy comes triumph, from struggle comes reward, from hard work comes results, from adversity comes strength and from the journey comes the destination. These are the things that will get me through.

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  1. Awesome, I'm glad you have found inspiration. Nice way to connect the album with your own personal journey. You have a knack for connecting things to your own personal life and describing them.

    And I can definitely hear ya, about reading all kinds of stuff for your PhD. I had to do that last year. The reading was not as intense, since my committee members provided me with useful resources since they are scholars in the field. The key is having someone help you narrow your subject or by simply exploring articles in journals for further research. That's what got me..I had extra help called research methods and a draft proposal assignment. That draft proposal became my thesis proposal and it is now my thesis. It worked out so beautifully. I hope it comes the same way for you, too.