Saturday, 14 February 2009

Time for Dot Points: Edition 2

  • Valentine’s day is meh. Its neither good, nor bad, just a rather fruitless attempt at consumerism. I’m not in love, so I couldn’t care less about it, if I were I wouldn’t care less about it. However, I’m sick of people in various stages of puppy love emphasising its importance.
  • I currently have an obsession with Taylor Swift’s new album after seeing her performance at the Grammy’s last week. I normally hate country pop but she is great.
  • I used today as an opportunity to clean out lots of irrelevant shit from the last 5 years. I have now taken the opportunity to let all the bullshit go, without feeling the least bit guilty.
  • Saw Rachel Getting Married today. Terrific movie that you should see.
  • Meg and Dia’s new song Black Wedding kicks proverbial arse. Can’t wait for the album to come out next month.
  • Two weeks into my PhD and I’m already sick of reading. I’m insane
  • Happy Birthday to the most important person in my world. It is the only reason that this day is special

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