Saturday, 31 January 2009

Time for Dot Points: Edition 1

  • We’re a month through the year already, and I keep thinking that this past New Year’s Eve was one of the best days of my entire life (next to the 5 Tegan and Sara concerts I have been to). I didn’t do anything special. I spent most of the day alone, finished the back end of Twilight, and the first half of New Moon where so much happens and I fell in love with Bella. I ate some food and then I went to bed. I think this observation says a lot about me.
  • I’ve added to my lists of funeral songs today. So far the total number of songs on the list is 67. People will get very sore bums and either very bored or teary.
  • Which album am I looking forward to most in 2009, Paramore or Tegan and Sara? I think it’s a tie right now
  • The best decision I made in Adelaide was to purchase the ENTIRE series of Gilmore Girls on DVD. So much to love about this show, the writing, Alexis Bledel, Paris Gellar, witty political references that no one else gets, and did I mention the writing?
  • So I decided to give the 4th Season of The L Word another go (Even though there are more characters I love than I hate and they’re all ugly) the storylines are enough to hook me. I miss Dana and I HATE Papi.
  • I can’t listen to Radiohead anymore because it reminds me too much of 2004. If you knew me then you’d know why. What’s more, it’s no big loss. There I said it.
  • I know I’m getting old when half of the squad of the Australian Cricket Team is younger than me. For some reason I find this sad.
  • I am sick of hearing about the following things:
1. The Australian Open (tennis is so fucking boring)
2. The heatwave in the southern states (Like it isn’t hot in Queensland)
3. The economic situation is only going to get worse (What do you expect when we’ve had a Howard Government for 12 years, and a Bush Administration for 8 both of which did fuck all, now we all have to suffer)
4. Obama is the saviour of the world (Give me a break, he’s the American Malcolm Turnbull.
5. The LNP is more popular than the ALP (Yeah, only in the Courier Mail editorial room)
  • Bring on the mania of semester one, I’m in the mood to rip apart ideas that other people hold dear.

OK that’s it, I think I’m done for now.

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